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Spoon Goons talks SUPing and life with Jeramie Vaine

It’s hard to catch up with pro SUPer Jeramie Vaine. His calendar is booked with events in the U.S. and abroad. He teaches, he surfs, he races, he blogs. Between the yoga studio, the gym, his laptop, and the water, Jeramie’s day is packed end to end, seven days a week. But as a true SUP ambassador, he always makes time for recreational SUPing with his friends and family. “My favorite SUP thing to do is a social paddle.” he says. “I can paddle with my dad who’s 65 and I can take my three-year-old nephew on my board. SUPing is all-inclusive, and that’s my favorite part.” 

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A paddle board, an adventure, and a goat.

DJ Kazmaier-A whole community that can change your life.

Stand up paddle board instructor DJ Kazmaier wasn’t a natural SUPer. He wasn’t even good at it the first time he tried. But he was hooked. After lots of practice and some guidance from a friend, he went on to become a SUP instructor, racer, and surfer. The sport connected him to an entire community of SUPers and some big adventures. Last year he visited Costa Rica to surf an epic wave. This year he has a full schedule of races and even a trip to Puerto Rico in store. All the while, he’s busy sharing his enthusiasm for SUP and making the sport accessible to newcomers. “Everyone can do this sport.” 

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When you take that first paddle stroke on a SUP board, magic happens. You become connected to the water, sure, but you also become connected to an awesome community of people. You feel physical, mental, and spiritual effects. The experience can be life-changing.

At Spoon Goons we’re passionate about this “SUP magic” and what it might mean. That’s why we’ve created the What SUP With You? blog. It’s a place to share stories about the transformative power of SUP. It’s not just for the pros. It’s for everyone who enjoys the sun and the surf, the rapids and the rocks, the yoga class, or the fishing spot—on a stand up paddleboard. Our mission is to inspire people to discover the life-changing power of SUP and to propel our sport to the next level.